Kilkenny Castle

Kilkenny Castle

Friday, August 15, 2008

Celtic Thunder

Celtic Thunder are a bunch of Irish [as far as I know] lads I came across only recently, Youtube is where I first heard them, they were singing Yesterday's Men by which was a bit of a hit years ago for The Furey's, I thought, ''not bat at all'' , a bit too much rehearsed and stage managed but a breath of fresh air for folk music.

Well they have come along well in the last year or so, releasing old classic songs like The Mountains Of Mourne, Caledonia, and an old favourite I recorded myself ''Come By The Hills'' , well if all this helps the Irish folk/ballad scene I'm all in favour, anything to help get the young people involved in singing and playing a musical instrument is great.

The reason I post this is that Marc from Germany who works out the guitar chords on some songs has sent me a few of Celtic Thunder songs with chords, by the way Phil Coulter wrote most of the songs for the lads.
The first is yesterday's men which was first recorded by The Furey's And Davie Arthur and one of my favourites.

The next is a song called Christmas 1915 which I was only vaguely aware of, but a fine anti war song with video and chords.

Next up is another Phil Coulter song called heartland which sounds like a mythical like song, an amusing concept to have the women playing the musicial instruments and the lads singing, this typs of stuff reminds me of riverdance.
All the songs are in the same key with chords as Celtic Thunder sing/play so you can strum along and stay in tune.
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